Primary Causes of Disease

What Do You Need to Get Rid of 

•Toxins (biologic, elemental, synthetic)

•Allergens (food, mold, dust, pollens, chemicals)

•Microbes (bacteria, ticks, yeast, parasites, viruses)

•Stress (physical, chemical, mental, emotional)

•Poor diet (SAD- Standard American Diet)


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Cardiovascular distressCardiovascular distressFAQ'S

How is Dr Tammy's treatment style different from other practitioners in acupuncture?

Dr Tammy is able to combine a treatment style based on physical, emotional, and mental wholeness.  She shares with her patients that the body, mind, and heart want to be harmonized, if we allow for the energetic openings to create the space for healing to take place.   

She creates personalized treatments that encompass mind-heart coherence, order, and wholeness for parasympathetic repair.  This is where healing takes place for the root cause of the emotional and mental components for the patient.  In addition to acupuncture, she fuses in a mixture of massage, cupping, gua sha, vagus nerve stimulation, auricular (ear) points, and breath work to facilitate the nervous system to set in calmness,  repair, relaxation, rest, and digestion through the balancing and grounding of the treatment.

In addition, Tammy specializes in treating physical holding patterns, over compensations, pain patterns, and muscle imbalances that cause disturbances in the body. This allows for a well rounded treatment protocol that opens the pathways for health and healing for the patient.

How do I need to prepare for my acupuncture treatment?

1.  Please eat a meal and be well hydrated up to an hour before treatment.

2.  Please bring shorts and a tank top for access to an optimal treatment.

3.  Please have all your disclosure and intake forms filled out before you arrive.

4.  Please plan on doing the following physically demanding exercises:  running, hot or power yoga, HIIT, Barre, Cross Fit, and weight training before treatment.  Gentle/ Yin Yoga, meditation, and breath work are welcome post treatment.

5.  I recommend having whole food nutrition and hydration with H20 and electrolytes post treatment.  

I also recommend not having alcohol for 24 hours post treatment.  

What to expect from an initial functional and nutritional medicine consultation?

This includes, but is not limited too, an extensive health history, review of questionnaires, pattern recognition, systems analysis, and suggested labs.   She practices individualized medicine, as such, every patient will have a unique protocol significant to them.

Is Tammy an MD?

Dr Tammy is not a medical doctor; she does not service medical emergencies, diagnose, treat or issue protocols for any specific diseases. If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial 911.

Dr Tammy supports chemical, emotional, mental, physical, and viral/fungal/bacterial, and stress imbalances, with the goal of promoting wholeness and coherence for the patient.

What does Tammy treat?

Tammy addresses common and chronic conditions 




Mental, emotional, and heart-centered disharmonies

Physical imbalances and musculoskeletal disorders- Repetitive strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, back pain, tension neck syndrome, tension headaches, ergonomic holding patterns, TMJ, shoulder tightness, rotator cuff disorders, arthritis, hip pain, knee pain, ankle issues, sprains, fractures, and managing the healing process through an injury

Reproductive and hormonal balance


Cardiovascular related stress

Digestive/ GI symptoms/ Gut Microbiome 

Fatigue, sleep, and stress disharmonies

Energy/ mitochondria dysfunction 

Immune Imbalances

Hormone Imbalances   


Environmental toxicity

 These are typically misunderstood or misdiagnosed by conventional practitioners who attempt to cover up the symptoms and not get to the root cause.

Dr Tammy's approach is an integrative,  holistic view that encompasses lifestyle modulation,  energetic muscle testing,  and lab-based natural health protocols that test and identify the presence and quantitative evidence of dysfunction in the various systems in the body. The testing is used to determine the required natural support needed to rebalance your body back to its normal state.

Can my spouse, partner, and/or children all work with Dr Tammy?

Yes! Dr Tammy works everyone.  From women who wish to pregnant (prenatal functional medicine optimization and acupuncture), men, children, the elderly, and all ages between. Dr Tammy works with couples all the time. In fact, it's much better this way because when the family improves their lifestyle, diet, and other measures together, the results happen faster and the end result is more sustainable. 

How long does it take to get results?

Results vary by each person. Some people feel dramatic improvement within the first month, others may take a bit longer. Our standard programs are for a minimum of 6 months. Remember, your body didn’t fail overnight. Years of stress, diet, and illness takes its toll and it takes a proper amount of time to restore. On average it takes one month of repair for each year you’ve suffered from a specific problem.